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SAPHIRH - Club Games

The Club Games in a glance :

4Play only 1Table








Draw-Holdem Poker

* Contact me to learn more about the games. The layouts you can find under Spiele/Games Layouts.

General notes about the Club Games

All Club Games can be arranged and adapted to fit the needs of the casino operator and the players.

The licensee determines :
• the expiration of the game
• the height of the bets
• the number of players
• the end of a game round
• the height of the retained commission.

In the “Casino-Club” all five Club Games are offered. These can also be supplemented by the traditional games.
Even slots (possibily with headphones)
can enrich the gaming offer in a Casino-Club.

BUT : All games can be acquired as seperate license and be used in the traditional casino.

*All Club Games can use or not a shuffle machine.
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